Everything you should know about conference table

Conference table supplier provide common modern office supplies. Generally use solid wood spray paint, imported cherry veneer for veneer, environmentally friendly base material, imported PU high-grade polyester paint, and imported high-quality hardware. The conference table is divided into: ordinary small conference table and large conference table.

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The Selection of furniture for conference room

The working furniture of the conference room is mainly the selection of the conference table, and the selection of the conference table in different conference rooms is also different. For example, the meeting table of the board of directors must be magnificent and solemn, while the general small meeting room can choose a more delicate, modern and precise meeting table.

The decoration of meeting rooms nowadays usually install multimedia systems. For some people, the use of multimedia operating systems is more complicated. Therefore, in order to facilitate the use of everyone, you must pay attention to simple operating procedures when decorating, like smart ones. All system equipment in the conference room of the central control system is relatively centralized and complete, so that it can be effectively combined and used, and the operation process will be more concise and convenient.

In the process of practical selection of white conference tables, we must consider the raw materials of the entire wood conference table and chair sets. To give a simple example, in fact, the existing raw materials are wood or leather, because many black conference tables are in the selection process. Various selection criteria will be considered. When purchasing, you must pay attention to the raw materials of the entire wood. The raw materials of the wood may still be relatively good, and the entire countertop itself is also sealed, because the raw material of the entire wood itself It is also impossible to see. The surface looks like the processing method of the outer surface that we can see. It can be estimated by tapping or weight, and then go to the manufacturer for inspection. The leather custom conference table is basically. It also has better results.

How to maintain executive conference table

If the product has been used for a period of time and there are many abrasions or scratches on the surface of the product, just return to the factory for repair by way of after-sales service. After leaving the factory, it will be like a new product, which can save replacement costs.

Normal maintenance

A. If there is dust on the desktop, first remove the dust with a feather broom, and then wipe it with a clean cloth.

B. Use a clean cloth that is not easy to shed hair for normal maintenance, soak it in water and wring it dry and wipe it. Try to avoid wiping with too hard or rough cloth or dirty cloth to prevent damage to the product surface.

Precautions for conference table for sale

A. Because the conference table uses wood veneer, which is a natural product, the color of different batches of products will have a slight color difference.

B. Try to avoid using oily furniture brighteners, which are easy to chemically change and cause table whitening. When the desktop becomes white, you should return to the factory for repair.

C. If the tabletop is stained with oil, wipe it with a general cleaner. Avoid using products with high volatility of scouring oil to wipe.

D. To keep the coating film intact, avoid placing plastic pads on the tabletop

Three steps for meeting table selection

The positioning of the conference table is based on the company’s size, image and qualifications. If the company is a large company with good qualifications, then the company’s conference table is positioned as a high-end conference table. If the company is small and does not have a certain scale and qualifications at the beginning of its development, then you can appropriately choose a mid-to-low-end conference table sizes. If it is a studio, then downgrade according to the situation.

Determine the size of the conference table heights according to the size data of the conference room. For example, if the meeting room has a larger area, you can choose a custom-made meeting table with a larger size, which not only uses the space but also highlights the atmosphere of the meeting room. If the meeting room is small, you can choose a smaller meeting table appropriately. Of course, you must use the space of the meeting room reasonably, try to place the meeting table in the middle of the meeting room, and look more logical and atmospheric.

After positioning the conference table set, you can choose the material of the conference table. Conventional materials of the conference table are: solid wood conference table, artificial board conference table, MDF conference table, and steel conference table. According to the surface material, it can be divided into: large round conference table, board conference table and steel conference table. High-end conference tables are generally solid wood conference tables and small conference table and chairs, low-end conference tables are generally MDF, white modern office desk and board conference tables, and low-end conference tables are steel conference tables.

In the office decoration, the decoration style and sense of planning of the meeting room are very important. It should be noted that the decoration style of the meeting room should be unified or echoed with the company’s  planning. The meeting room decoration planning style sought by many companies.

Seating of the conference table

  1. Conference table with a podium: This type of meeting is generally used for internal large-scale meetings or external press conferences. The seating arrangement of the podium is that the front row is higher than the back row, the middle is higher than the sides, and the right is higher than the left. The position of the moderator can be in the middle of the front row or at the far right end, and the speaking seat is directly in front of the podium or right in front. The participants face to face with the podium and follow the same seating principle.
  2. Seating for the reception meeting: There are seats for the host and the main guest in the middle of the reception room, the right is the main guest and the left is the main seat; the accompanying persons take their seats in turn.
  3. Audience seat seating: the audience seat is the first to respect and the right to respect; if the seats are taken in order according to the pinyin prefix of the unit and department name, it is also a principle of equal seating.
  4. Lecture-type adjustable height conference table: For small lectures, the format of the conference hall is best arranged as a lecture-type
  5. Rectangular conference table: This kind of custom wood conference table modern style is suitable for internal meetings or bilateral negotiations. When conducting internal meetings, the person with the highest position should be on one side of the short rectangle and should sit facing the door. When conducting bilateral negotiations, the two parties can sit on either side of the long side of the table. The person with the highest position of each party should be in the middle of the position, the person with the second position should sit on his right, and the person with the third position should sit on the left, in order.
  6. Round western style conference table: suitable for internal meetings or multilateral negotiations that avoid the concept of seating. The round table deliberately embodies the principle of equality and mutual benefit among participants, and downplays the concept of respect and inferiority. Although the round table avoids the issue of seat ranking, in accordance with international practice, all participants should try to enter the venue at the same time.
  7. Oval conference table: Suitable for internal meetings, the person with the highest position should be at one end of the oval conference table sale.
  8. U-shaped conference table: suitable for internal meetings and smaller meetings.