Roll To Roll Device For Laminating Rolling Machine Up To 8″ Width With Tension Control

Our laminating machines are perfect for school, office, home, and/or personal laminating jobs. All of our industrial machines are low cost, low maintenance, easy, and safe to use. Lamination is the easiest and most cost effective way to preserve and protect all your precious documents and photos. HOP Roll Laminators are the perfect option when searching for the right method to laminate your larger sized documents and/or posters.

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Multi-function roll laminator, suitable for on demand laminates. Whether you require lamination, mounting, or encapsulation, we can help provide you with the perfect machine and supplies. Low cost, high performance hot shoe roll laminator up to 800mm wide, GBC Docuseal 3100. Ideal for laminating posters, drawings, charts, graphics,… The laminator is automatic and will pull the sheet through. Do not force the laminating pouches into or out of the laminator.

Whether small office or industrial machines their primary function is to embellish or protect printed works. Such laminators are used to apply varying thicknesses of lamination film onto substrates such as paper or fabrics. The main advantage to the use of heated roll laminators is that of speed. Heated laminators use heated rollers or heated shoes to melt the glue which is applied to lamination film.

We are instrumental in offering a commendable range of ID Card Lamination Machines. Configured with advanced components, these products are in compliance with the defined parameters of the industry. Furthermore, these products are highly acclaimed for their significant attributes such as longer service life, efficiency and excellent results.

ADSS offers a wide variety of roll laminators, and has prepared a useful comparison table to help compare the various features of the machines. Consult with our knowledgeable staff if there is a particular machine or product you require. Latest state of the art model with high capacity rolls feeder. RL 13 can take rolls up to 500 meters and you can do một side or 2 side thermal lamination. With table top design the speed offered is up to 5 meters per minute or 10 13x 19” sheets per minute gives you high productivity at affordable price.

Woman laminating signs and small cards using heated roll lamination machine. The Professor 27″ Hot Roll Laminator can laminate up to 27″ documents. It can run laminate roll film from 1.5 mil to 10 mil thick and mout material up to 3/16″ thick. The heated roll design permits simultaneous mounting and laminating using mounting boards with attached over laminate. The PL-1200HP sets up in minutes and has a thru-put capability in excess of 1000 feet per hour. Auto feeding roll laminator, NEOLAM 360-AF with adjustable tốc độ and temperature control. Single-sided and double-sided lamination, with decurl bar to…

Both hot and cold roll laminating offer their own advantages. Hot roll laminating tends to produce more durable goods, and when properly set up, it’s also tremendously efficient. However, cold roll laminating is often necessary for goods that are sensitive to heat. Cold roll machines are also sometimes more user-friendly to operate. These laminators are used to protect paper, documents, photos, menus, etc.

In addition to their machines, they also offer a variety of commercial roll laminating films that provide multiple applications and textures. D&K products help your customers look their best by taking their creative media and giving it the gloss, luster or textured look to stand out from the crowd. Even at the lower end of the spectrum with traditional roll laminating machines you can still opt for automatic feed and depending on the film type you are using automatic sheet separation too. Machines such as our Multi-Lam Foil FX Auto offer a fully automated feed up to stocks of 300 gsm with the foil rewind device doubling up as a product re-winder. This combination means the machine can be left to run it self, the sheets will be tự động hóa fed, laminated or encapsulated and reeled on to the rear mounted rewind device ready for trimming afterwards. These machines are the perfect solution for the busy school or college print room due to their compact nature, ease of use and most importantly their cost effectiveness.